Dancescape (Singapore)
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Dancescape (Singapore) has its mission and vision to nurture and create excellent artistes through various training and mentoring programs.

We believe in supporting the local arts scene via nurturing and grooming young talents with a strong foundation in performing arts to develop themselves as a performer with the right attitude and responsibility, committed to contributing professionally to the arts scene in future. We aim to create and provide a limitless boundary for performing arts creation at various levels and forms, shaping arts education to its finest where it can be promoted, presented and well appreciated by the general public.

• To provide a platform for youths to perform and present their dance achievements to public audience.
• To allow students to express themselves to the public audiences (including their friends and family) and to level up their performance abilities and showmanship to feel a sense of satisfaction as a performing artiste.
• To reach out to more people and youths watching our performance and thereby encouraging them to take up dance, appreciate dance and respect dance.